I see so many extended families in the summer. It really is the perfect time for a beach portrait. When you have everyone together. And extended families used to really be a drag for me. I didn’t know what to do with all those people. But honestly, they are some of my favorites now. I love that there’s documentation of all of you together. The grandparents with the grandchildren. Cousins. Individual families. It’s such a different dynamic than smaller families. Extended family sessions can feel rushed and crazy. We only have an hour to work with. But we always get what we need. So if you are vacationing with your extended family, think about a beach session for y’all. It’s a great way to commemorate your trip!

Gulf Shores Family Beach Photographer_001 Gulf Shores Family Beach Photographer_002 Gulf Shores Family Beach Photographer_003 Gulf Shores Family Beach Photographer_004 Gulf Shores Family Beach Photographer_005 Gulf Shores Family Beach Photographer_006 Gulf Shores Family Beach Photographer_007 Gulf Shores Family Beach Photographer_008 Gulf Shores Family Beach Photographer_009 Gulf Shores Family Beach Photographer_010

This is my second session with this gorgeous family. Some life events happened in between. One couple added a baby. One of the woman fought off breast cancer. I won’t lie. This was an emotional session for me to shoot. But to see how strong this family is in the face of a challenge is super inspiring. I am so happy that I could play a small role in preserving some family memories for them. I can’t wait to see them again soon!  Fort Morgan Beach Photographer_001 Fort Morgan Beach Photographer_002 Fort Morgan Beach Photographer_003 Fort Morgan Beach Photographer_004 Fort Morgan Beach Photographer_005 Fort Morgan Beach Photographer_006 Fort Morgan Beach Photographer_007 Fort Morgan Beach Photographer_008 Fort Morgan Beach Photographer_009 Fort Morgan Beach Photographer_010 Fort Morgan Beach Photographer_011 Fort Morgan Beach Photographer_012 Fort Morgan Beach Photographer_013 Fort Morgan Beach Photographer_014 Fort Morgan Beach Photographer_015

This is one of my favorite sessions ever. This is a special family to us. My husband has known Josh since they were kids. And Meridith and I are just about the same person. He is Lydia’s godfather and they have been with us for most of the ups and downs in our lives together. We had a lot of fun before babies came along for either of us. And our kids love each other so much!

I know it’s well past Christmas, but this is a great example of a lifestyle session. And it doesn’t matter what we do. Even if it’s just playing in your backyard. Your home is where you MAKE your memories, so why not photograph those memories where they are made!

Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_001 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_002 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_003 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_004 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_005 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_006 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_007 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_008 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_009 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_010 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_011 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_012 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_013 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_014 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_015 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_016 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_017 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_018 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_019 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_020 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_021 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_022 Fairhope Lifestyle Photographer_023

Y’all! I cannot believe I never shared images from Jimmy & Jennifer’s wedding from 2015. Yup. That’s right. From 2015! No, I don’t normally photograph weddings. And no, I don’t plan to start covering large weddings. I do offer wedding services for small weddings – think minimal wedding party, ceremony,  and 2 hours of reception coverage.

They had a very sentimental ceremony by the water and a casual reception at a family home. It couldn’t have been more perfect!

Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_001 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_002 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_003 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_004 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_005 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_006 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_007 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_008 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_009 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_010 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_011 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_012 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_013 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_014 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_015 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_016 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_017 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_018 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_019 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_020 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_021 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_022 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_023 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_024 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_025 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_026 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_027 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_028 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_029 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_030 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_031 Orange Beach Wedding Photographer_032