Family of Four | Gulf Shores Beach Photography

So here’s the deal. Family photography is where my heart is. I love, love, love, love capturing families having a good time. Sometimes it isn’t all rainbows and roses and kids cry and parents are annoyed with each other. But most of the time, it’s a special kind of magic. This night on the beach, everything came together. The clothing choices, the love of the family, that gorgeous light. All of it made for a perfect session!

Byers_001 Byers_002 Byers_005 Byers_006 Byers_007 Byers_009 Byers_010 Byers_017 Byers_020 Byers_022 Byers_024 Byers_027 Byers_032 Byers_034 Byers_042 Byers_043 Byers_044 Byers_046 Byers_047 Byers_056 Byers_059

And this family decided to purchase an album from their session. Here are a couple of the layouts that were included.

Spread 2_1 Spread 7_1 Spread 14_1

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