Please read through these questions and answers. It probably answers all of your questions and even a few you didn’t know you had!

What should I wear to my session?
This is probably the most common question I receive. Wear what you normally wear. What you feel comfortable in. Your family session isn’t so much about the clothes and location but about the connection and love of your family.

But if you need some direction….. Coordinating is better than matching. Avoid clothing with characters or logos because they will date your images quickly! If weather permits, children are best with bare feet. Also, arms, legs, feet, etc. will be visible and you should wear clothing that you are comfortable enough to sit and stand. Are you on Pinterest? If so, you should follow me! I have tons of what to wear inspiration over there. I encourage clients to start their own pin boards and collect what speaks to you. And you are more than welcome to email me pictures of outfits before the session if you are having a hard time making a decision.

Not necessarily clothing related, but please do not use lotion the day of a beach session. In the summer, it is hot on the beach. Mix in the humidity and water, and it just makes the sand stick to you like a magnet!

Where & what time will my session take place?
I am an on location photographer, so we will talk before your session and choose a location together depending on what look you want for your images. It could be the beach, local park, open field, or your own backyard. Again, the location kind of dictates the time. We will take into account feeding times and nap schedules as best we can, but I also have to use my professional expertise to judge the best lighting conditions to produce the best possible outcome for your images. All beach sessions are conducted at public beach accesses in Orange Beach and Gulf Shores in order to minimize background distractions in your final images. All beach sessions take place about an hour before sunset. So the exact time depends on the time of year. If you are visiting from out of town, I encourage you to schedule early in your stay for a couple of reasons. One, if it rains, we have a day or two to reschedule. Two, it prevents everyone from getting too much sun before your session.

What if it rains or is windy the day of my session? 
I watch the weather pretty closely. In the summertime especially, we have lots of pop up storms. Just because it’s raining at your condo doesn’t mean it’s raining at the session location. If it’s raining at 3:00, that doesn’t always mean it will be raining at session time. However, if we decide conditions aren’t ideal for your session, we will try to reschedule for later in your stay. If we cannot reschedule, your session fee will be refunded. I do not reschedule beach sessions for winds less than 12MPH. There is always a little breeze on the beach, so please come prepared.

Do you shoot film? 
I shoot both digital and film! If you are interested in your session being shot on film, please let me know .

May I bring my camera to the session?
The short answer is no. Children especially will always pay more attention to Mom or Dad holding the camera than someone they have never met. It is a distraction to everyone involved. I reserve the right to stop a session if a camera is present (even a cell phone). You are investing the time and money into a custom photography experience and you should enjoy it!

How much re-touching do you do? Can you edit tan lines? What about windblown hair?
I will be the first person to admit that I am not a Photoshop wizard. So my re-touching is VERY minimal. I do not retouch tan lines, so please wear clothing that covers tan lines or wear lots and lots of sunscreen prior to your session. Windblown hair is tricky and sometimes takes the skilled hand of a professional. What you see with your proofs online is what you get. If you are interested in more re-touching, please ask BEFORE your order is placed. All re-touch requests will require an additional fee and will be quoted at the time of the request.

How many proofs will I see?
I only show the best of the best. Duplicates of the same pose, shots with closed eyes or unflattering expressions are deleted. Having too many variations of the same pose can be overwhelming. Sometimes what seems like a good idea in the moment at a session really doesn’t translate to a great image, and it will not be proofed. What you see is the best of the best and no images are left out just meet a “magic number” of proofs shown. Larger groups will naturally see more proofs than smaller groups, but I promise you will see what is the best of the best!

When will I see my proofs?
Approximately 2-3 weeks after your session you will be sent an email to let you know that your gallery is ready. If film is shot at your session, it will be about 4 weeks after your session.

How long will I have to view my proofs and order?
Seven days from the time your gallery is activated. Because I know that everyone leads busy lives, I let you choose the 7 days that are most convenient for you!

When can I expect my prints to arrive?
Orders will be shipped within 3 weeks (usually sooner) from the time of cleared payment. Please keep this in mind when ordering customized items that may take longer to turn around. Some items are shipped directly from the lab to expedite the process and keep shipping costs low.

How much is the session fee?
Session fees begin at $150 and are dependent on the type of session scheduled.

How much should I expect to invest in prints and products?
Clients typically invest $1200-$1500 on prints and products from their session.

Do you sell digital files?
Yes! Digital files are available for purchase.  If you are investing in wall prints, I HIGHLY recommend printing through my professional labs. Yes, the prints/canvases are more expensive, but I believe wholeheartedly in the quality difference that a professional lab provides.

What forms of payment are accepted?
credit cards, paypal, cash, and personal checks.

Will my session be stressful?
Absolutely NOT! I work very hard to make sure all of my sessions are fun and enjoyable for my clients!

If you have any other questions that have not been answered, please email them to hello@mandyhaber.com